It’s always nice when clients are happy with how you helped them achieve their goals surrounding health & wellness!

“Perhaps the most valuable element was the accountability.”

Stacey coached me through a six-month program and I found it to be an extremely positive and valuable experience. I gained insight and clarity on long-standing issues effecting my health and well being. Together, we crafted concrete steps to address these issues. Perhaps the most valuable element was the accountability. I had set countless goals for myself in the past, but I would often lose focus, allowing them to fall by the wayside. Knowing I had a partner to cheer my successes and evaluate my shortcomings was inspiring during the times when my motivation waned. By the end of the program, I had achieved all the goals I set for myself and then some! Perhaps more importantly, I now have many new systems in place to optimize my wellness and productivity going forward. —Lauren Gobes, Actress and mom of twins

“She continuously looks for ways to help and inspire others, both in her coaching and personal life.”

Stacey is a wonderful person, who has taken the life lessons she has gained, and turned them into positive inspiration for others. Her philosophy is that big results come through the small, yet very important, daily shifts we make in our lives. She continuously looks for ways to help and inspire others, both in her coaching and personal life. Stacey is a woman who leads by example, and because of that, she is authentic energy that emanates light on others. —Lucie Dickensen, Creator of the Inspirational Method and Co-founder of Every Voice Educates

“Stacey has helped me organize, plan, and shop!”

A big THANK YOU to Stacey for her guidance. She helped in some very specific ways. My goal was to eat only organic foods, but my challenge has been that organic always seems to be more expensive. Stacey told me that Costco carried organic items. I had no idea that a more economical solution was right up the street. She also suggested kitchen storage ideas and the resources to find a few inexpensive items that would help get me organized. Stacey has helped me organize, plan, and shop! Now, my kitchen and pantry are filled with healthy food options that I can grab when I’m in a hurry, and the ingredients I need when I have the time to cook more elaborate meals. After working with Stacey, I have a new awareness about my food choices. —Maggie Mills, Charleston, SC resident and co-owner of Redux Yoga

“One of my favorite takeaways was her suggested recipe for an anti-inflammatory smoothie.”

As a coach myself, I have high standards when it comes to the field. Stacey Crew is an EXCELLENT Health Coach! I came loaded with nutritional questions and in the rare case when she didn’t know the answer 100%, she was awesome at doing research and getting back to me in a timely manner. One of my favorite takeaways was her suggested recipe for an anti-inflammatory smoothie. I drink it a couple of times a week and it really helps my sports injuries with less swelling. If you’re looking for a smart, dedicated and compassionate Health Coach, look no further than Stacey Crew! — Thomas Heath, Business Coach, Career Coach & Co-Founder of The Life Guidance Center

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