Summertime: Recharging, Regrouping & Making Plans

Summertime has been fun, but It’s almost back-to-school time! We’re in the home stretch with one more big event this summer (The Eclipse!) before Labor Day hits. Charleston is buzzing with all sorts of events because the city expects an influx of one million people. Wow!

I had an epiphany this summer. Not that this summer is much different from others, but when you run your own business and your kids no longer require constant supervision, things change. Here are a few things that became obvious to me about summer.

1. People tend to check out during the summer months. I don’t know if this goes back to memories of when we were kids and had the summers off or if we have kids and they’re off, so that means a different schedule for us. Either way, it is what it is!

2. Importance of relaxation. All year (school year!) it’s go, go, go. The busy-ness can deplete us, which leads me back to point #1 and why we check out. However, summertime is a great time to boost self-care in the form of spending more time outdoors, soaking up the sunlight, and having long lazy days of good conversations with people we love!

3. Great time to reassess. Given the laid back nature of summer, it’s a great time to buy a fresh notebook & new pen and begin thinking, dreaming, and planning our next steps. What will we tackle once the summer vacation has come to an end? What do want to accomplish over the next year? How can we improve our life, relationships, and health?!

Having had the opportunity to get out of town in July with my daughters, I did slow down, relax and wound up returning home home with a sense of calm and the knowing that I don’t have to be “on” every moment of every day. What a relief!

Now that we’re headed toward back-to-school, my mind and body are feeling the “let’s get back to it” vibe that I’ve been chasing most of the summer. I’ve started making longer lists and planning more carefully the projects I’ll be working on come early September. Kind of can’t wait!

So, what have you been doing this summer to relax and re-energize? And what’s one thing you’ll get a jump on once we’re all back to school?

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