Less is More & Quality vs. Quantity

Quantity vs. Quality Stacey Crew WellnessLess is more and quality vs. quantity are lessons I’ve been learning over and over again, pretty much all of my adult life. For example, I started drinking coffee in college. At one point, I realized that having a better cup of coffee fewer times a day was a better choice.

Clothing choices is another way I’ve adopted a “less is more” strategy. About 15 years ago, I began eliminating color from my wardrobe. Most of the time you’ll see me in either black, gray, and sometimes beige. The only color I ever wear, however, is blue and that’s usually in the form of a pair of jeans. This conscious choice simplifies the daily process of getting ready.

Recently, I downsized my home and, in the process (this was a conscious choice), I gave up three big storage closets. A total blessing because I had to get rid of even more stuff. I’m now free from a lot of maintenance that comes with caring for a home. The outside maintenance is taken care of by the community management and, inside, my furnishings are minimal so cleaning is a breeze!

What’s something in your life that you can think about in terms of having less that would result in a better quality of life and get to do more of life’s pleasures?

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