There’s No Time Like the Present

As I thought about launching my blog and writing a first post, I kept asking myself, “What are you waiting for?” And then it dawned on me, there’s no time like the present.

I think we’ve all heard that quote before, but I had no idea where it originated, so I googled it and here’s what I found on

The proverb has been traced back to G. Legh’s Accidence of Armoury (1562): “Mary, [to be sure] sir no time better than even now.” In Mary de la Riviere Manley’s The Lost Lover (1696), the proverb is in its current form: “No time like the present.” “There is no time like the present,” cried Mr. Bramble–Smollett, Humphry Clinker (1771). The saying first appeared in the U.S. in the late 18th century.

But then I also found this:

mm pug“There’s no time like the present,
No present like time.
And life can be over in the space of a rhyme.
There’s no gift like friendship
And no love like mine.
Give me your love to treasure through time.”

– Molly Moon

Molly Moon’s Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure

The Molly Moon reference feels more significant to me. First, we have a Pug named Cody. He became part of our family in 2009, just as the proverbial sh&* hit the fan. The market collapsed, I lost everything, and the uphill battle to rebuild began. Cody has been a source of comfort, entertainment, love and truly a girl’s best friend. And, more importantly, my youngest daughter read all the Molly Moon books when she was in elementary school, mainly because there was a Pug on the cover.

So, here I am starting a new blog after a few years of pondering what to write, what the blog would look like and how I would pull all the things I love into one place. The biggest surprise of all about this journey is that the less I pushed to make this happen, the quicker I was able to grasp hold of the vision and begin to authentically execute it.

I’m excited about all that I have to share with you and hope you’ll join me on the journey of living authentically & continuing the search of a healthier lifestyle, one day at a time!

That’s it for now. Just wanted to get started and what better way than to take hold of the moment and just do it!


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