Nourishing Meals: Getting Comfortable in the Kitchen

stacey crew nourishing meals

I’m happiest when I’m in the kitchen preparing nourishing meals!

Cooking nourishing meals didn’t come easy, however. For many years I struggled with the idea of me being in the kitchen because I lacked confidence in my cooking abilities.

Around the age of 15, I experienced what I refer to as the 🥦 Broccoli Incident (you’ll have to wait for the full story until my new book is released!) and things were never the same for me. I would attempt to cook, but I always managed to sabotage the situation and essentially fail at anything other than cooking some pasta and opening a jar of red sauce. ⠀

Eventually, I came to realize and understand that in order to nourish my body I needed to get comfortable in the kitchen. This involved me putting aside my ego and being willing to fail repeatedly, but eventually reaching a point where I was preparing some delicious but, more importantly, nutritious food.

How about you…are you comfortable screwing up in an effort to learn? Comment below.


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