Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Raise your hand.

One of my favorite smoothies is a chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie. And since there’s no chance I’ll stop eating chocolate anytime soon, I’ve found natural and healthy ways to get my fix by using cacao powder in smoothies and chocolate desserts. For clarification, the chocolate is CACAO powder, not cocoa powder.

To simplify the production of making a smoothie, use a Magic Bullet. Or a blender,  but the Magic Bullet certainly keep it easy because you make a smoothie and can drink it from the same cup!

Trader Joe’s carries a peanut butter option that contains Fax & Chia seeds, so you get your omega-3s too! You can also use Almond Butter or other types of natural peanut butter, which doesn’t include brands like Jiffy and Skippy, not even the ones labeled “natural”!

Here are the ingredients:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 1/2 cups of Coconut Water (can substitute Water, Coconut Milk or Almond Milk)
  • 2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter
  • 1 tablespoon of cacao powder

If you like a cold, icy drink, use less Coconut Water and add a handful of ice!

Put all ingredients in a Magic Bullet cup or blender and blend on high for 45 seconds to a minute.

Drink and enjoy!

For added health benefits, add chia seeds, flax seeds, camu powder, or a teaspoon of honey. I encourage you to experiment with the tastes and textures to find exactly what precise combinations work for you. As with diets, not everyone works for everybody.

Now drink and enjoy!

Also, you can find some more smoothie and healthy recipes on my Fitness & Nutrition board on Pinterest. And for more healthy, nutritious filled chocolate recipes, get The Earth Diet recipe book! Here’s a pic of the Chocolate Shake on page 87.

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