Where’s Does Your Formal Dinnerware Live?

Times are a changing!

Some people still only use formal china at the holidays and the rest of the year it sits in a breakfront or maybe stored in boxes. And some are choosing to use formal china beyond just holidays. Then there’s an entire group of people who have decided to let it go altogether. 

China Storage from the Container Store

If you still have fine china, where do you store it?

In a breakfront or china cabinet, is it still in boxes from the last move, or in the kitchen cabinets where you’re always telling family members to be careful of the “good” china because it’s reserved for special occassions only.

One storage solution would be to use hat boxes, which could be stacked (on the dining room floor or on top of a cabinet) as a decorative, yet functional use. My mom did this for years with the overflow from the breakfront.

glass storage from the Container Store

Another option is to utilize the “hard-to-reach” space of the upper kitchen cabinets OR store the china in zippered, padded containers. (Remember to place bubble wrap or some form of cushioning between each plate and dish.)

Since most people tend to use the good stuff infrequently, storing it up high accomplishes two functions: The china has a home and you’re utilizing previously unused space.

Whichever way you to decide to go, give some thought to new ways you could use this “special occassion-only” dishware more frequently! 

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